20 January 2019

Long time no post, but I’ve been working like hell on my Swingle Singers discography (see my blog post of 26 December 2018). I Apparently I haven’t moved beyond the publication of part I (but I’m constantly complementing that one), dealing with the Paris Swingles, 1963-1973. Part II (early London Swingles, 1974-1984) and III (Swingles to present) are still in draft form, because each discography links to the individual reviews and I have many of those still to repost.

That said, I’m a little stalled at this instant, because I can’t find my CD of Berio’s A-Ronne & Cries of London on Decca! To my present surprise, I hadn’t reviewed it on Amazon, so I’d like to do so here. But it’s not on the shelf with its Berio companions where it should be, it’s not on the shelf of the recently acquired Berio CDs still to be listened to, not in various other boxes our drawers where I thought it might be if it wasn’t in the most obvious places…. To be honest, my many CD boxes are invasive and messy, so I don’t think it’s lost. Just… somewhere. The recordings are on You Tube, I guess I could review the bloody CD without even actually having it… but it would be more satisfactory if I could find it!

So, in the meanwhile, as a recreation of sorts, I decided to import all my reviews of CDs of South-African composer Kevin Volans.It’s something I had wanted to do for quite some time, the box had been laying there under my bed… Now it’s done. Click on the link of my Volans introductory page to access all the reviews.

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