8 September 2018

Long time no review. I’m back, although for a very “peripheral” review, The Soviet Army Choir on Chant du Monde. Not that I’ve been totally inactive in music all these months, just too busy sorting out the many CDs that I keep buying (there’s something self-defeating there) and working on various discographies. Indeed, I was adding to my Chant du Monde discography when I chanced on the riddle of two different CDs of the Soviet (or “Red”) Army Choir published by Chant du Monde under the same label number, 274.768. The earlier release sold very cheap, so I went for it.

As always, I’m hoping to return for more.

1 thought on “8 September 2018”

  1. You are probably aware that Marston records came out with Rachmaninoff playing portions of his Symphonic Dances on the piano. If you are not, I can send you information. Your reviews are greatly appreciated.

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