10 February 2018

I’ve added Michel Plasson‘s recording of the complete symphonies of Honegger.

I’ve also added an addendum to my review of Baudo’s complete cycle. I had been puzzled ever since reviewing it back in 2013 of the sonic problems with the transfers of both the Western and Japanese reissues – especially since they were the inverted image of each other: in the Western set, the sonics were great, but incomprehensibly the transfer of the First Symphony was problematic, hollow and metallic, while those problems did not affect the 4th symphony, although it was recorded at the same sessions in 1973. In the later Japanese reissue, the First was great … but the all the rest was problematic, “not as clear, present and vivid as those of the earlier set”… and it is the Fourth that fared worst. All this seemed so senseless that I wondered if it hadn’t been a trick of my imagination when I had reviewed both sets five years ago. So I ripped both Symphonies 1 & 4 onto Audacity to compare the dynamic curves. Eloquent – and definitely NOT a product of my imagination. But still senseless.

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