9 February 2017

What takes a lot of time in posting here all the Honegger reviews, are all the cross-references. Each review will mention a number of comparative versions, including some that I haven’t yet transferred over here. So I keep not, and when I do transfer and post the relevant review, I need to go back to the first one and link it. I’ve just re-posted my review of Serge Baudo’s complete cycle on Supraphon, and because of the set’s historical and musical significance, I had quoted it a lot in other reviews. So link, link, link.

And I’ve got so much more that I need to bring over. The complete cycles of Plasson, Dutoit and Luisi… The individual symphonies of Mravinsky (great Liturgique), Winkler (great Liturgique), Munch’s 2nd with Orchestre de Paris and 4 with Orchestre Lamoureux, Ansermet’s Liturgique, Järvi (great Liturgique & 5), Jansons (fine 2 & 3), Fournet (great Liturgique, very idiosyncratic, very unique), Rozhdestvensky (very personal takes on 1, 2 and 5), Yuasa, Russell-Davies, Lopez-Cobos, Vasary, Turovsky… and the LP versions! Michel Tabachnik in 1, Jean-François Paillard, Izler Solomon in 2, Robert Denzler in 3…  Plasson’s tone poems on DG… The Christmas Cantatas of Michel Corboz, Thierry Fischer and Vladimir Jurowski…. La Danse des morts by Henry Vachey… Cris du Monde by Baudo (in Czech!) on Praga… And the Concertos… It’s going to take some time….

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