4 February 2018 – I’ll win this fight, Amazon

Morning. Got a response from Amazon Communities and it is as I expected:

Sent: Sunday, February 4, 2018 4:09 AM
To: discophage
Subject: A message from Communities


I’ve researched your previous correspondence and re-evaluated your Customer Review for “Rugby.” After careful consideration, I agree with my colleague’s decision that the review violated our posted guidelines. Specifically, the following parts cannot be posted on Amazon.com:

.. I have (as of February 1, 2018) transferred it to my own website and replaced it with this short summary. Join me on my website! You will find there much more than I can post here. The link is on My Profile.

Your review can’t be posted on Amazon.com as written. However, you’re welcome to resubmit your review, restricting your comments to the item.

The irony of it is that, simultaneously, I receive notification that my summary / comment for Munch’s Boston Symphony Honegger on RCA, which I had posted three days ago and had not appeared online – and which ended with exactly the same sentence – was approved for posting (and likewise with my summarized review for Ansermet’s Christmas Cantata).

Anyway, I found the go around. Yesterday I posted similar summary / comments for Munch’s Danse des Morts and Second Symphony, ending with “This is the summary (from February 3, 2018) of a review that was originally much longer, detailed and substantiated, with links and in-depth interpretive comparisons with other versions, including Munch’s own. To know more about it, visit my Profile“, and that got posted instantly. I’ll win this fight, Amazon.

And a P.S. from the afternoon: yep, that seems to work. Now I feel a little like David Bowman disconnecting Hal 9000. Only, it’s going to take me longer.

I’ve added Orchestre National de France – Charles Munch dirige Honegger: Le Chant de Nigamon, Pastorale d’été, Symphony No. 2 & 5 “di tre re” (1962, 1964). Disques Montaigne MUN 2051 (1989), Valois / Audivis V-4831 (1998) – and I like the looks of my Honegger introductory page, which turns out to be a commented discography.

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    1. yeah, I’ve done that already in the past, but here I’ve found another way. Obviously Amazon is censoring here any invitation to visit another website – no matter that it’s a non-commercial website selling nothing, which IMO doesn’t breach their strictures about “promotional content”, but I guess they’re censoring “just in case”. So now I’m only inviting people to look at My Profile, where they’ll have the general explanation why the original reviews are gone, and the link to discophage.com.

      Thanks for visiting me!

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