20 July 2017

Since I was compiling my reviews of the symphonies of Kraus, I transferred from Amazon my old review (2011) of Sinfonien der Klassik (Symphonies of the Classical era): Gossec, Vanhal, Mahaut, Kraus. Cappella Coloniensis, Hans-Martin Linde. Phoenix Edition 174and since I made a reference therein to Concerto Köln’s early Gossec recording on their CD La Prise de la Bastille: Music of the French Revolution. Jean-Baptiste Davaux, François Martin, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, François-Joseph Gossec on Capriccio 10 280, I also imported that one.

Those transfers aren’t just plain “copy and paste” affairs, they require very meticulous updates of the links to various other recordings mentioned in the reviews, finding the exact label numbers and barcodes of those references – and that in turn opens new cans of worms… Lots of work.

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