26 September 2016

Last few days without publication, but I was spending some listening time on the chamber music of Félicien David:

Félicien David: Piano Trios Nos. 2 & 3. Eszter Perenyi (violin), Tibor Parkanyi (cello), Ilona Prunyi (piano). Marco Polo 8.223492 (1993), Naxos Patrimoine (France) 8.55083 (1993)

Félicien David: “Le Souvenir” (Trio No. 1, 3rd Quartet, “Le Souvenir” and “Le Caprice” for cello and piano, “Pensée” and “Absence” for piano, three arrangements from David’s operas “Lalla-Roukh” for piano, “Herculanum” and “La Nuit” from Ode-Symphonie “Le Désert” for cello and piano). Jean-Jacques Dünki, Andrés Gabetta, Christophe Coin, Quatuor Mosaïques. Laborie LC12 (2011)

While I was at it (“it” being the minuscule French label Laborie Records), I posted a discography of this obscure and interesting label. For reasons that will be clear if you look at the discography, it was a helluvalotowork!

…and while I was at it e.g. Laborie, I also brought over from Amazon my 2012 review of another Laborie CD, LC09, the chamber music and Lieder of Jean Baptiste / Johann Benjamin Gross.

…and I realize that I forgot to mention the publication, on September 23, of my review of Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer’s Cold Peace Counterpoints on ReR ST3 (2008)

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