16 August 2016

Since I’m doing the As: pulled out of my shelves my two CDs of Barry Anderson (Continuum) and reviewed:

Barry Anderson: Mask (Mask. Two Songs Penyeach. Sound the Tucket Sonance… And the Note to Mount. Colla Voce). Continuum CCD 1008 (1989)

Barry Anderson: Arc and other electronic works. Continuum CCD 1009 (1989)
Electro-acoustic Fanfare for computer tape / Arc for bass clarinet, string quartet, computer tape & electronics (1987): Harry Sparnaay, Mistry SQ, cond. Stephen Montague / Piano piece 1 for piano & tape, 2 for amplified piano, 3 for piano & electronics (1969-74): Sally Mays, Stephen Montague / Domingus for voice & tape (1978): John Franklin Robbins, speaker

Created Anderson’s composer’s page.

Created an introductory page to The Discographies, and an introductory page to The Reviews. I’m not sure at this point what’s going to be the difference between the discographies of labels and the Labels Index. Created the Alphabetical Index of Composers Reviewed – the main entry, really, to all the reviews.


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